Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Body and Soul of a 65 year old

6:30am: I think I'm getting older and older by the day. I've often told people that I have the soul of a 65 year old, but when I'm trying to get out of bed I'm pretty sure I have the joints and body too! It just feels sooooo good to lay there. Problem is, laying there is doing nothing positive for my lungs. I decided that I would do the gym this morning and get that out of the way cause I know it's going to be a crazy work day. It was arm day which as you is one of my favorites. My shoulders were actually giving me some problems this morning though so I actually cut out two of my tricep lifts. Both of the lifts (overhead tricep extension and dips) put unneeded strain on my shoulder and I got a good pump already from the other lifts. I really like getting my workout over and done with in the morning just sometimes I don't have the time due to other obligations. Since I still need to eat and do my treatments when I get home from my morning workout I can count on staying around the house for at least an hour. That's why I usually do Jezzabel's walk in the mornings cause it only takes around 40 minutes (and I cough a little bit more...and can spit it on the ground). Anyway, glad I've got the gym out of the way, now I just need to figure out what sort of cardio to do later.

So the rest of the day got sidetracked with a bunch of work and excuses. I WAS going to do more cardio but Mandi's brother grilled up some meat just before I was going to take off. I couldn't turn that down right? Then I WAS going to do cardio after dinner but I ate too much and felt super full. I'll tell you what, excuses aren't going to make these lungs any better. If I get sick I can't blame the excuses, I'll only have me to blame.

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Kellee said...

No CFer should ever turn down fresh grilled food tho right?! =)

Hey why dont mandi do a blog?
I love her insert on the cf girlfriend thing and think I along with the other cf wives/girlfriends could really learn alot from her too!