Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting CFers on Film!

6:45am: Let me first say to my mom, I know you don't like hearing about my foot problems if I'm not doing anything about it, but I was trying it my own way and I think I've failed. I've tried different shoes. I've tried inserts. I've tried icing it. I've tried resting it. I've tried not doing certain leg workouts. I've tried just about everything I can think of. Next step is going to be seeking the advice of a professional. I'm going to avoid seeing a doctor (I see enough of them, no offense docs) and first try to have my foot "studied" at a running store. Maybe it could be as simple as having a new shoe or a better insert. I sure hope it is. I'm just tired of not being able to run consistently and my foot being sore even after staying off of it for a couple of days. I haven't done any pounding on it for quite a while now and it feels like I ran a 3k yesterday. The best way to describe the pain is it feels like someone is grabbing my foot and trying to bend it backwards onto itself. It's not the top of my foot that is hurting, it's my arch. I'm going on a little vacation on Thursday, but when I get back it will be Operation NoSoreFeet.

My walk this morning was better then yesterday. If you recall, which I don't blame you for not, I felt pretty tight yesterday and it was hard for me to get stuff up in the morning. It was probably due to not working out on Sunday and moving around as much. After getting back in the saddle yesterday, my lungs felt much better on the walk this morning. I was getting quite a bit of clear to light yellow mucus up and not laboring in my breathing. It was a beautiful morning, actually a little overcast, and it was nice and cool out. It still isn't unbearable yet in terms of heat during the day, but I know it's going to get there fast. If I can get my walks in before 8am though, I think I'll avoid having a heat stroke this summer :)

Total Distance: 2.0 miles

Side Note: So the whole day was spent working, but what I was doing was very enjoyable. I traveled around with Mandi and my videographer David to film CFers and their parents answer some questions about CF and how it affects them and their daily lives. It will all be used in an upcoming project that will hopefully launch in the coming months. If you're in the Phoenix or Tucson area and are reading this and would like to participate in this film, please, just send me an email or leave your email here for me to respond to.

8:00pm: I can't believe it took me until 8pm to get to the gym. I was so tired working out but I think I still had a pretty good session. I'm getting stronger week by week and so far everything is holding up well except for my shoulders. I actually had to change a lift that I do on my chest today cause it just puts too much strain on my shoulders when I'm doing it. The one thing you learn quickly is that if your shoulders are hurt, it can effect almost every lift you do. My upcoming vacation will give my body some much needed rest and I'm looking forward to staying in shape by using the beach and ocean as my gym!

Total Distance for Day: 2.0 miles 

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Jamie said...

Thanks for a your words of encouragement! I hope to be back to my life soon...I have a lot waiting for me to do....like hang in the sun and swim in the pool :) Reading about your foot pain reminds me of when I had a collapsed arch in my foot. When I would step my arch support would collapse due to pulled muscles and tendons across the arch. I had a podiatrist tape my foot to give it artificial support and took it easy while the tendons healed. Maybe that's what you have..just an idea.

Keep up the running and exercising~

Melanie Tait (Mel Tries to Run) said...

Ah, you have a wretched foot too! Do go see someone about it before it benches you for a few weeks like mine has!

I'm so looking forward to learning more about CF through your blog. I've only ever met one person with CF, when I was a teenager. I love that you're making films of CF stories. I hope you'll post some online!

Jess said...

Sorry your foot is bothering you so much. Hope it's better soon! Also, our ship was the Norweigan Majesty.

Keep up the great work at the gym!! Very inspirational :)

Denise said...

Hey, you should try the chia seeds if you think they might help. I've been really happy with them so far. Tasty little things!