Saturday, June 13, 2009

View of CF (and Me) from a Girlfriend

**Mandi left this comment on my last post, but I figured that I would post it on it's own instead**

I'm generally pretty silent on Ronnie's blog, I figure I am in enough stories and daily routines that my comments wouldn't be additive. But I feel inclined to comment on this large part because I know many CFers struggle to realize that they deserve relationships just as much as the rest of us. Ronnie has mentioned the complexities that come along with having CF and entering a relationship. I can understand that a CFer might have anxieties about letting someone fall in love with them and then making them witness what can sometimes be an uphill battle or even lose their loved one (the CFer). But as a girlfriend of a CFer, very much in love, I can tell you that that thinking should be changed.

Ronnie has blessed my life. While CF presents challenges and unexpected turns in our journey together, his attitude about it has rubbed off on me. I truly see CF as a blessing in our lives. It has made me stronger as an individual and has made our relationship stronger. And as Ronnie mentioned, I have thought about the possibility of being a young widow. The pain would be something I cannot begin to fathom, but I can say confidently that I believe God has a special purpose for Ronnie and I'm so blessed to get to be a part of it. And when God is done doing with Ronnie what he has put him here to do (whether that's at 35 or 75) I can find comfort in knowing it's all part of God's plan for my life and rejoice in the incredible journey we had together.

So with that being said, I encourage all CFers to search for that unique individual who is willing and excited to accept and face the challenges that come with a disease like CF. I can tell you, I'm sure there's plenty of people like me, who are just happy to get to spend as much time with their CFer as possible, and leave the uncontrollable up to The Big Man, who knows what he's doing.

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Kellee said...

Wonderfully put!!!

I love love love my CFer and all the ups and downs that come along with it!! =)

Lisa said...

Mandi--It's always nice to "meet" other significant other's of people with CF. My husband has CF and we have been married for 10 years. I actually just found Ronnie's blog from another person's blog. I have a blog on my perspective at

Lucy's mom said...

Sounds like you found a "keeper!" Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally! All relationships are difficult so to find the right match and the right attitude is fabulous because then it is worth fighting for!

It's so nice to see others with CF not moping around feeling sorry for themselves! I'm not a big fan of pity parties! I hope to instill in my little Lucy that she can do anything she puts her mind to! I don't want CF to get her down!

Thanks guys for the inspiration!

~Kacie AKA Lucy's mom

Denise said...

Wow, I am fighting back the tears right now. Thanks so much for posting that. I just came back from a really long run and thought that was's posts like these that put me in my place and make me realize there are so many other important things in this world. I pray that you both have a long, happy life together.

Scott said...

Thanks for re-posting the comment. Something everyone needs to read.

Somer Love said...

Wow Mandi You are amazing and I'm not really a crier but your comment did bring tears to my eyes!

You guys are SO very lucky to have each other.