Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great Day with Two Sour Notes + Movie Review

7:00am: Today was an overall great day with only two sour notes. We were all up early this morning cause we had to take Mandi's parents to the airport. That of course was one of the sour notes. It was great to be able to spend time with them, which we don't get to do often considering they live in China, and I hope they can have another long trip out here real soon. After dropping them off, Mandi and I got back on board with our weekend tradition, that's right, good ol' Dunkin Donuts! The bagel sandwich and coffee tasted extra good this morning after my long absence from it's sweet sweet nectar...wait, not nectar, but you know what I mean. From there we swung by my place and caught up with some DVR of "So You Think You Can Dance?". Does anybody else out there watch that show? If you don't, they're down to the final 5 couples and I would recommend watching an episode or two. It's amazing what these dancers can do, especially when it comes to styles outside of their own trained skill set. I have to watch it on DVR though so I can fast forward through one of the judges. I think her name is Mary and she makes my skin crawl, if you watch the show you know who I'm talking about.

9:30am : After a little bit of TV it was on to the gym. We had shoulders and legs today which we knocked out pretty quickly. My shoulders have been a bit sore the last couple of days for some reason so I took it easy on them today. It was nice getting to the gym early on a Saturday morning cause it wasn't busy and we still had the whole day ahead of us. We finished up the gym session with 15 minutes of cardio on the bike. Here's what's confusing though: Mandi and I did the exact same length of time and I averaged more RPM than her, yet she finished almost a full mile ahead of me in distance. She did have it on another resistance level, but we found it strange that that would affect distance. Anybody know the answer to that riddle? I sure don't but would love some insight.

Total Distance: 4.2 miles

Movie Review: I'm actually embarrassed to say this, but I went and saw that new movie Bruno today (the second sour note). Mandi and I went on a whim after the gym to the movie theater. Usually I will look up movies on (a service that rates movies on language, sex, and violence) before seeing any movie. Since this was a last minute thing, there was no consulting with that site before picking a movie. We had both seen Sasha Cohen's first movie Borat and thought it was funny, and although crude in parts, I didn't think that it was over the top. Bruno IS over the top. We both felt like walking out several times, but I think we thought that it would become tamer. It never did. How this movie isn't rated higher than R I'll never know. It is SO CRUDE that it is literally disgusting in parts and I turned my head away from the screen several times. Sad thing is, the movie was at it's best when it wasn't trying for just pure shock value. When he wasn't forcing it and seeing just how far he could take things, it was much funnier. He ruined the movie by doing things that he knew would push the envelope and frankly, are pretty detestable for film. I could never nor will ever recommend this movie. I felt dirty and ashamed after walking out of the theater and I can never just "go to a movie on a whim" again. BIG MISTAKE.

Total Distance for Day: 4.2 miles

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Denise said...

Yea, I have zero interest in seeing either of those movies. Just seeing the guy turns me off.

Sorry Mandi's parents left. That's gotta be hard on Mandi.