Friday, July 10, 2009

Inspire Just ONE Person

First, I wanted to thank everybody who responded both on this blog and to my personal email about some changes that I could make with RunSickboyRun. I'm still looking for other suggestions (cause I didn't like any of the others :) just kidding) and by clicking here you can get back to that blog. I would love to hear any and all changes that you would like to see. It's very important to me that I write a blog that people will enjoy going to and then telling their friends about. It's all about awareness. It's amazing the people that will follow this blog daily now. I of course have other CFers and their families, but I also have runners, triathletes, old friends I haven't seen in 10 years, and random people from random places. If I could inspire just ONE of those people to join the cause and fight along side of me, I will feel that my mission was accomplished.

I think we're really close to giving CF a big blow to the gut and taking it down a few notches. We just need help with that final push. That's where all of you come in, we can't keep CF a secret. People need to know about the disease that has taken so many of my friends, caused heartache in so many families, and eventually will be the end of me. We can't sit back and just let this thing run it's course, we need to fight, and fighting starts with creating awareness. You can't support what you don't know. People won't part with their hard earned money unless you give them a reason. I think we can give them that reason, don't you?

On a completely different note, I didn't get to the gym until later today, but Mandi's dad was able to join us. I let him pick the workout, and sense he won't be able to workout for a couple days due to travel, he took us through a total body workout. We lifted arms, chest, back, and abs. Ok, so not total body, upper half of body :) It was nice to do something different for a change and at the pace we went my muscles got fatigued very quickly. Overall, we all got a great workout in and I'm definitely going to miss Eric (Mandi's dad) being around. Her parents take off tomorrow, but then Nancy (Mandi's mom) will be back in a couple of weeks. She then will go back to China around July 30th. It's been so nice to have them around and it really stinks to see them go.

And my last completely different note: You need to read this next link I give you. It's my gal CysticGal's blog and she wrote a GREAT blog about exercise and excuses. You need to go to it by clicking here. I can't be clear enough, GO TO HER BLOG AND READ THIS POST. It is certainly a post after my own heart.

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chhunt said...

Ronnie, you are such an inspiration to me. Your thoughts on awarness are very powerfull. I'm guilty of keeping my CF a secret, but as I network with so many brave CFers I am becoming more comfortable with being open to everyone about the disease. It will take time, but I will make progress. It is time to open new windows and follow your lead!

Russ said...

I hope you do well I'm a long term BF of a CF. Certain events that should have been fantastic have gone sour. I hope you achieve your ambitions :)

Brandi said...

Your post made me remember something - I have a huge group of runners that I work with and one of them stopped by my desk the other day to tell me about a run that he participated in a few weeks ago (in Anniston, AL) that was a CF fundraiser. The only way he knew of CF was through me. We had a great conversation about CF, awareness, fundraising, etc. A completely random encounter, but great nonetheless.

I don't keep my CF a secret at work - I'm pretty open about it, but I also don't advertise it. I need to be more proactive about bringing others into the loop.

Cystic Gal said...

Your site and your support are a HUGE inspiration for me, so thank YOU. :)