Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health Care Reform, Doctors...and my Truck?

I have so many things to be thankful for this Thursday. Here are a few:

- I'm so thankful for a place to have open dialogue. I've been able to put up a couple different perspectives on the current Health Care debate and I've been so happy with the dialogue that has followed. This issue will obviously effect a CFer and their family more than it would the average joe and it's been nice to hear different opinions. We're also fortunate that some readers of this blog are from other countries and have also been able to relate to us their experience in care of Cystic Fibrosis. If you'd like to have your written blog featured here on RSR please send it to me, and as long as it is a positive contribution to the discussion, I will post it. My email can be accessed through my profile.

So which side do you pull the toilet paper from? I think we can come to a sensible conclusion to this before we start with Health Care...gotta start with baby steps.

- I'm very very thankful for my CF doctors. This past Monday was such a telling example to me that my docs just really want to do what's best for me. When I reported my symptoms and my decline in PFT numbers, Dr. Grad didn't hesitate in offering up a hospital stay. Why am I thankful for the offer? Cause I know that some CF doctors feel pressure by insurance companies for their patients to avoid the hospital because of the cost and sadly, they give in to that pressure. My doctors however fully stand behind decisions I make when it comes to my health and trust me when I say I need to come in or if I can fight the battle outside of the hospital. (Just a quick side note: my January hospital stay cost 350,000+ dollars)
It's pretty crazy when you actually SEE how much money is spent to keep me alive and healthy. When I say "I feel like a million bucks", I really mean it!

- I'm so thankful for my truck. Sounds kind of weird to say, but it makes sense when I tell you that I was with out it for 3 days due to a dead battery. When I went to start it a couple Saturdays ago, it responded with absolutely nothing. It was deader than a doorknob as they say. Upon returning from the lake, I tried (and failed) to jump start my truck. I also tried to remove the battery myself and bring it down to Checkers and get a new one. Because I didn't have the proper tools (or skills) to do this, my truck sat there for a few days and collected dust. As I was "working on it" one night, my neighbor offered a helping hand and actually got it jump started. I drove directly to Honda where they replaced my battery with a new one. She's been running like a gazelle ever since and it's nice to have her back.
My truck is white like this one but sure doesn't look as fancy. I'm pretty sure this is a new one. I just thought the picture looked pretty sweet.

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Katelyn said...

I've been without a car... for a while, so it's nice to hear of someone appreciating their car instead of assuming everyone has one! :)

Kellee said...

I go with side B.

Glad you got the truck up and running!!

Tim And Gina Bohnett said...

Side B wins...side A people can never be trusted.

Pegson said...

thankfully insurance in terms of hospital stays doesnt even come in to it herein australia

Trixie said...

I must say the toilet paper should be pulled from side 'B'.