Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Cereals

I have to start off by telling you that I could have breakfast for every meal of the day and more specifically, cereal, for every meal of the day. In fact, it probably WAS my meal for every meal of the day during most of my college years. Whenever I'm actually craving something, it's generally cereal. Every time I go to the grocery, I just HAVE TO walk down the cereal aisle to see if any of my favorites are on sale. If there were a cereal rehab, I would have already been committed.

So without further ado- My top ten favorite cereals ever:

Honorable Mention: Sugar Smacks, Cap'n Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats

10. Cheerios: a simple classic...although I do like to pour on quite a bit of sugar.

9. Trix: I was sad when they changed to the little pieces shaped like fruit. They actually hurt my mouth when I ate them. They saw the error in their ways (and all of my complaint letters) and recently changed back to perfect little smooth round balls of goodness.

8. Honey-Comb: I'm not sure if I like these better with or without milk, but if my hand were to the fire, I might have to say without.

7. Kix: Ronnie tested AND Ronnie approved. I do like to add a good amount of sugar to these also, but I will say, they are already sweet enough out of the box.

6. Frosted Mini-Wheats: When I eat these, I can't explain the feeling I get when I'm about to bite into a little mini-wheat that is absolutely covered with "frost". I'll usually let these soak in the milk a bit and then drink the "frosty" delight when I'm done.

5. Life: I love these with a ton of milk. Mandi loves these with vanilla yogurt and blueberries.

4. Raisin Bran: This is another cereal that I load the milk on with. It's such a treat to get a spoonful with a bunch of raisins in it. One of the few cereals that I don't like without milk however.

3. Lucky Charms: Mandi and I have been known to go through a box of these in one sitting. She usually picks out all of the marshmallows and eats them separately. I love crunching on the marshmallows with my two front buck teeth.

2. Quaker Corn Bran: It's actually hard to find this cereal now. I used to eat it all of the time as a kid and it's probably the healthiest one on this list. Anybody know where I could order this stuff in bulk?

1. Golden Grahams: I've never met anybody that doesn't like GG. I'll take them with a little milk, a lot of milk, no milk, water, beer, vodka, albuterol, TOBI, sweat, tears; truthfully, anyway that I can get them. I just wish they weren't 1200 dollars a box.

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Natalia Ritchie said...

You've made me realize I need more cereal in my life. For that I thank you. :)

Jason Addink said...

Was it you who called it "bref-kas" for the longest time? I am 99% sure it was. I occasionally say to my wife that I need some "bref-kas" and I am fairly sure she has no idea what I am talking about.

And they changed Trix to fruit shapes? When did that happen? I can only imagine the marketing discussion that when on there... "If we make them LOOK like fruit, maybe people will think this stuff is actually healthy like fruit!"

OceanDesert said...

I don't think I have ever had Golden Grahams ....

Deb said...

uh, hello? Cap'n Crunch in your honorable mention category?? Blasphemy!

what about the Reese's Puffs?

thank goodness we agree on golden grahams or i would have to cut you out of my life completely!

W said...

Where the heck is Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Jon V. said...

I concur regarding Cap'n Crunch (especially the "Oops All Berries" version). But this list can't fit just 10. I miss the weird 80's cereals no longer in existence. Mr T. cereal, Batman cereal & even Ghostbusters cereal.

Jess said...

Albuterol haha! I love cereal, raisin bran sounds good right now. My family and I are considered are options about "reporting" this "dr". We think a medical ethics board would be a good idea.

tdraxler said...

OMG! Gold'n Grahams are the nectar of the gods! Or something like that. I LOVE those things. Best snack ever...toss a hand full of gold'n grahams in a bowl, add mini marshmellows and milk chocolate chocolate chips. Yummmm.

And, you made me remember that I used to eat Cherrio's with a ton of sugar and I absolutely loved it. Wonder why I stopped? Hmmmm. Might go get me a bowl right now.

Fun post! Thanks

mom to Emily
3 1/2 w/cf

Jess said...

That would almost be my identical list! And definitely the #1 of Golden Grahams!!! :)

Jamie said...

Your favs are most of mine also. . I could seriously LIVE off cold cereal. By the way~ I really like your blog column layout with your previous posts on the right side of the screen! Please tell me how to do that!

Shannon said...

I am serious dude we were seperated at birth...born 1 day apart, both have CF, diagnosed a month apart and both have a major cereal addiction. Jason, my boyfriend, says that he might need to take out a loan just to pay for all the cereal I eat. You can never go wrong with cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. My top 10 would be; 1. Frosted Flakes 2. Lucky Charms 3. Fruit Loops 4. Honey nut Cherrios 5. Rice Krispies 6. Honeycombs 7. Fruity Pebbles 8. Peanut butter Crunch 9. Crunch Berries 10. Cap'n Crunch. Not that you asked my top 10 but I figured I would add them. Actually I had a bowl of Fruit Loops for dessert tonight...hehe!


Samuel's Mommy said...

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Corn Pops! Can't disagree with Golden Grahams as #1. But Corn Pops is probably my number 2.

Samuel's tie for first: Trix and Froot Loops

And I remember when Trix was shaped like little fruit pieces. The little spheres of goodness are better for flicking across the table, in Samuel fashion.

Jason Addink said...

My wife is perusing the coupons for Frys and noticed that cereal is on sale, 10 boxes for $1.39 each. She thought you should know.

"If you were a TRUE Dutchman, you would have a coupon on top of that. That's less than a buck a box!" says the wife... ;)

Jason Addink said...

And Cluster's dude. Cluster's are the king of breakfast cereal. Pour on some milk just a smidge above freezing...

Heaven in bowl right there cousin.

Heaven. in. a. bowl...

Tim And Gina Bohnett said...

What? No Frosted Flakes? They're Grreeaatt!! Coco Puffs? Did you really just forget these awesome cereals Ron or have you just never had their sugarry goodness? BTW - Soup & Survivor starts again soon!