Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures from Coronado Island

You guys demanded them (ok, ONE of you guys did) and now you have them! Here are pictures from our trip to Coronado Island yesterday. I tried to post them earlier but blogger was down for some reason. We had such a blast yesterday riding our sweet old school beach cruisers around the island! Enjoy the pics :)

View of Coronado from the bridge coming from San Diego.

First stop beach...

...and apparently I'm a big fan of this.
We were both starving so we parked our bikes and grabbed a bite to eat.

My "bite to eat".

He wanted to pose for a picture (and who am I to argue with a bike?).

I know. I'm like James Bond with a total disregard for the law.

Little boats that people take to their bigger boats.

Sorry if you're currently eating, I had to take off my shirt while on the beach.

That girl can jump can't she?

Each your heart out Hasselhoff.

This was actually just nominated for "Cheesiest Picture of the Year 2009".

Man she's hot!

After riding around for about 2 hours we figured we'd take a break and find a view...

...and something to drink.

Did I mention how blue the skies were?

The landscapers asked me to hold up this tree while they grabbed some tools. No problem landscapers.

We then had to return the bikes back to their family.

If you ever find yourself out in Coronado Island I would HIGHLY recommend renting some beach cruisers and hitting the open I coughed up a BUNCH of crud from my airbags.