Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures of Breaking but NOT Entering

As many of you saw and read, Ronnie and I were in California this weekend. Ronnie surprised me with the trip as a late birthday gift. He just said, "Hey, pack a bag, we're going to CA." It was the BEST gift he could have gotten me. We had an incredible time together and I have never been to CA except flying through the airport to and from Asia.

As I said, WE had an awesome time. Ronnie's dog, Jezzabel, did not! We left her at my house with my brother (my brother and I live together, cute I know). For some odd reason, JBell thought she could claw her way out of the house, and meet us in CA. Check out the damage:

Jezzabel is eating us out of house and home.

She couldn't quite reach the doorknob to let herself out.

A closer look at the criminal damage...we're pressing charges.

She was apparently hungry for dry wall as well.