Friday, November 27, 2009

Cousin Bake-Off 2009

So I may or may not have taken about a "two hour walk" yesterday to spend some time with the family. I made sure to bring the camera so you guys could witness the craziness that goes on when we all get together. In total, there was I believe 36 people there to celebrate Thanksgiving. Last year we started a "Cousin Bake-Off" where cousins who choose to participate enter a dessert to be judged by moms, aunts and grandma. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my Easy Bake Oven with me to the hospital so I wasn't able to partake in the competition this year.

The competition is about to begin.

Can you feel the anticipation in the air?

Here's (part of) the panel of judges: Aunt Pat, Aunt Janna, Aunt Ruth

This is some kind of french chocolate cake entered by my lil' brothers.

How creative is that? It's a corn on the cob made with cupcakes, yellow frosting, yellow jelly beans and a yellow starburst!

My family is Dutch (if you couldn't tell by the cake model after a wooden shoe)...and yes, it says Congrats Ron & Mandi! Of course, this was my pick to win :)

Looks a lot like Mandi & I don't ya think??? This was baked by my cousin Jon.

Little turkey cupcakes submitted by my cousin Janee (who also did the corn on the cob).

Let the judging commence! That's my grandma on the far right and my mom on the far left.

Alright! Dig in!!!!

If you didn't think that my family takes this "bake-off" seriously, this video will change your fact, it may change your life.