Saturday, November 7, 2009

Should CF Women Have Babies?

I received this email over on Facebook from a women who is reaching out for help. I wanted to share it with you guys and hope to get her some feedback. Please leave your comments for her here or you can always e-mail her directly.
ronnie i am 21 i have cf and all my life i was told im dying give up all the negative stuff on top of that my mom was in lighter words insane honestly unfit to raise me and know im happy to report i went from living with her being 80 lbs and 40% lung function to being with my now husband and i went to 122lbs and 72% function im very happy but heres the problem my doctor isnt happy she actullay is mad im not better and my husband and i want to have children and she sat there in front of me in clinic and told me i was dying and i shouldnt bring a child in to this world with a dying mother and told me if i did get prego i should terminate if it had cf but thats like my mother terminating me and you you know what should i do i know i need my doctors on my side to go through a pregnacy it says so on all the websites and that it is possible and it could be healthy and all that should i try and find another cf doctor report her for paiteint doctor abuse if so how i live in houston texas there are no other cf adult care doctors but her in my area i know your a guy but i really need help i have just learned in the last year all about my illness for my self lost my medicaide lost ssi everything cause of my mom and she never told me anything about my illness so im really just now learning about it and i have no clue about anything out there to help my husband and i with any problems we have such as prescripton cost doctor rights anything i really need help from my cf community please feel free to contact me on here or by email and if you need other people opion feel free to post this i need all the help i can get from anyone who can give it thank you
I'm sure that she would love to hear from some of you cysters out there who have babies of your own. It sounds like she is very interested in carrying a child, but seems a little uncertain about bringing a child into this world without being able to guarantee it a "normal" upbringing. What would you guys say to her? I'm sure any feedback would be much appreciated.