Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally Got Back Into the Gym!!

It's almost embarrassing to admit it, but I finally got back into the gym yesterday. I got out of the Hole on December 17th and it took me a full 12 days to get back into the land of dumbbells and bench presses. I really wish I had some great excuse to give you guys, but I really don't. Anything I could offer up would be just that, a poor excuse. Bottom line, I made the CHOICE not to go to the gym until yesterday and it's one that I hope I won't regret.

It's such a crazy feeling being back in that place. What's an even crazier feeling is actually lifting the weights. I fully expect to be incredibly sore tomorrow. We did some circuit training to get back into the groove and basically hopped from one machine to the next. The key now will be consistency. I'm usually pretty good about going once I get back into my routine, it's just a matter of actually getting back into my routine. Yesterday was surely a huge step towards that.

Today I hope to take another big step. I've been walking since I've gotten out of the Hole, but I have yet to get a run in. I thinking that today's the day to break out the old running shoes. I'm REALLY looking forward to it as I feel that nothing is better for me right now than running. I may only last 5 minutes, but that's certainly longer than I ran all of last week! As long as I'm making progress and moving forward I'm happy. It's those steps back that I try to avoid :)

Now the question is, in a very Jerry Maguire kind of a way, who's coming with me? Who will join me in my quest to get back into the gym and running regularly since leaving the hospital? Anybody???