Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year's Resolution... not to make a resolution. Not that there isn't anything I want to get done or goals I want to meet, but I'm not going to tie them to any one day. If you look up resolution in the dictionary you'll find something like "a firm decision to carry out an action", well, I did that a long time ago. Since the day I was able to form my own thoughts, I've chose to live and more importantly, to do whatever necessary to live up to a standard that I've set. I admit, there has been times that I've been off track, but something always happens to whip me back into focus.

2009 proved to be a year that got me back on track. I think that in the couple prior years preceding, I had become comfortable with my lung function hovering around the low 60's. It took a crash and burn in the beginning of 2009 to snap me out of my comfort zone. Many good things have come out of that, but the most powerful has been getting my attitude back that "just being comfortable" is not acceptable. So actually, I changed my mind, here's my resolution for 2010: I REFUSE to be comfortable with my lung function at any point this year!

So, what's your resolution for 2010?