Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let the Wedding Frenzy Begin!!

First and foremost I want to announce that my brother, Josh, just got engaged to his girlfriend (NOW FIANCEE) Christine on Saturday night. The Melin's are so excited to welcome her into our family. So when I say, "Let the wedding frenzy begin," I don't only mean ours, but their will be coming fast also. WOOT WOOT!!

Now onto what's new with us in the wedding realm. As I mentioned in a few posts and as Ronnie has mentioned, we have really ramped up the wedding planning by visiting venues and trying on dresses. The main reason for the fire under our butts is because my mom is home from Shanghai and we only have 2 weeks with her to power through the big stuff. Before she heads back on January 2, we want to have a dress bought, a venue picked, a flower vendor and MAYYYYBE invitations decided on, designed and ordered. We are well on our way to making it through that list after this last week.

On Wednesday my mom and I went to one venue, on Thursday we went to another venue and to a bridal boutique, and on Saturday, Ronnie's mom, Chris, and younger brother, Andrew, came up to Phoenix to join me, my mom, and Ronnie in some dress shopping and venue hopping. As of now, we almost have our mind made up on the venue (see the venue at and a dress (YES...THE DRESS!!!!!!). I am a little nervous to make the final call on the dress, but I think I found the one. We all looked at dresses together (RONNIE TOO) and got everyone's opinion of what looks best (me not letting on to what I reallllly liked so Ronnie wouldn't know). After that, my mom and I went to another store and ended up finding something that I think everyone will reallllllly love, but that no one would ever have guessed or picked out...that way Ronnie will be SURPRISED!!!! I am super excited!!

So anywhooo...that is where we are with things. I wish I had something more entertaining or educational to share with you, but unfortunately for you, I only have wedding on the brain. I have attached a few photos for your viewing pleasure, but I'm not going to post any pictures of me in dresses (as I originally thought I would) for fear of Ronnie figuring out what the dress will look like.

I did have one favor to ask of all of you. I WANT SUGGESTIONS. Did you or someone you know have a cool, unique thing at your wedding? Did you find really good deals on something? Did you discover and tips or tricks? Are you a wedding planner and want to just tell me what to do? LET ME KNOW!!! Seriously...I'd love input!!

Ceremony site looking from where we'd be standing to where the guests would be sitting

Looking at where we'd be standing (see the stone at the end?)

Wedding dress shopping!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE PART!!!!!