Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Top Ten Most Played List (iTunes)

I was actually a little nervous to see what my most played songs on my iTunes were and share them with you guys, but I promised myself (and you) that no matter what it was, I would be honest and list it. I highly suggest you look up these songs and see what you think. I may be biased, but I think I have pretty good taste when it comes to music :)

Just missed the cut: The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice, Makin' Good Love by Avant, You Can Bring Me Flowers by Ray LaMontagne, Wild Horses (Live) by Alicia Keys & Adam Levin

10. The Freshmen (Acoustic) by The Verve Pipe (139 plays)

9. Drive by Bic Runga (140 plays)

8. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews (144 plays)

7. Look What You've Done by JET (145 plays)

6. It's Your Love by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (151 plays)

5. 3am (Acoustic) by Matchbox Twenty (158 plays)

4. Amie by Damien Rice (160 plays)

3. Boston by Augustana (176 plays)

2. I Love You by Sarah McLachlan (178 plays)

1. Fishing For by Delcoa (227 plays)

There you have it!! Now the question is, what is your Top Ten Most Played list???? And do you think this list says anything about me? :)