Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do Weddings and Workouts Mix???

It's been a couple of pretty crazy days around here...

The wedding (of Mandi's brother) is over, but I'm still feeling the hangover (not literally as I only had 3 sips of wine and 1/4 of a flute of champagne). It was such a great weekend as I was able to meet many family members of Mandi's that I had never met before. We were all able to hang for pre and post wedding events plus "cut a rug" at the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and my (future) brother-in-law delivered his vows to perfection. I'm so fortunate to have a great family of my own, but I'm looking forward to becoming part of their family in the future.

I also got to hang out with some Melin Family friends. Bob and Wendy came out from Delaware and we all had a blast together. There were dinners, college basketball, pool sessions and house hunting all packed into the last couple of days with B&W and I've got to say, I loved every minute of it. I looking forward to those two crazies kids coming out for our wedding in May.

The Johnson's (another Melin Family friend) were also out all the way from Michigan. But get this, Mr. Johnson refuses to fly, so they drove all of the way out here. And yes, they'll be making the trip all of the way back in May for the next wedding. They were both such a BIG help around the house this weekend in getting everything together and making sure it all ran smoothly.

The wedding also brang (is that a word?) with it something else. Mucho slacko el working outo. Translation: I haven't run since last Thursday. I've been good with my walks, but running and te gym have been very, very bad. I can definitely tell too. During my walk today I was tighter than usual and it was quite hard to catch my breath while making my way uphill. Hopefully I can get my act together starting tomorrow and start putting my money (feet) where my mouth is.

Last thing, my Facebook is back up and running. I was "disabled" from FB last week for being "too active". I just recreated my FB profile and am now trying to recover my friends that I have lost (plus meet new ones). So here is what I would LOVE for you to do. If you're reading this and have a Facebook profile, please add me. If you're reading this, have a Facebook profile and have friends on Facebook that have CF or are parent's of a CFer, please suggest me as a friend to them. I know it won't happen over night, but I'm pretty sure my goal is to be the friend of every single CFer on Facebook. Not because it would just be cool, but I really think that we can all learn a lot from each other.

Oh yeah, and if you're a member over at, thanks for bearing with us yesterday. We had a spammer create a fake profile and "bot-out" some cheesy emails. The problem has been corrected and we have put some measures in place to make sure it doesn't happen again. We will always be searching out ways to improve the security for our members at CysticLife and I hope that it wasn't too much of a headache :)