Friday, April 30, 2010

First Friday: Our FIRST Place

**brought to you by Mandi

Today's the day!! Today we close on our very first home together, and man are we EXCITED!!! Yesterday afternoon was the final walk through, all checked out ok. After the final walk through, my mom and I went to Home Depot and bought everything from brooms and mops to paint and paint brushes. Needless to say, the anticipation is building for today's phone call telling us it's officially ours. As soon as we get the call, we'll head to the house and begin painting and moving in. Since we are waiting until our wedding night to actually stay in the house, we have just over 3 weeks to get everything just the way we want it. We plan to paint the kitchen, master, family room, and dining room before then. We'll be BUSY. Luckily my mom is in town and she is a decorating and painting guru!! Today starts the home improvement craziness. I just can't wait for Ronnie to get out of the Hole so we can work on it together.

In my excitement, my thoughts are jumbled and I'm afraid I will just be rambling if I go on anymore. But I will leave you with a few pictures and a video from the final walk through.

Ronnie wasn't there in person - but we needed a picture together at our final walk through!

Ronnie and I with Mike (our friend and realtor)