Friday, April 16, 2010

My First Ever (CF Related) Trip to Albany

If you're reading this, then that probably means that I'm already in the air and on my way to Albany. I'm very fortunate to have been invited to speak on Saturday at a CF Education day being put on by the CF clinic there in Albany. I was actually recommended by a fellow cyster and CysticLife member, Ms. Goodrich, and I'm very excited that they took her up on the recommendation.

I have been invited to speak at many events through out the years, but this will be the first time east of the Mississippi River :) I generally speak at events thrown by people trying to raise money for the CFF, respiratory colleges and other venues- but it has been mostly isolated to Arizona. So needless to say, I'm excited about this opportunity. I've even, and by I, I mean Mandi, put together a power point slide show to go along with my talk. I'm getting all official on them :) I usually just shoot from the hip and whatever comes out, comes out. But I figured since they're flying me out there, I should step it up a notch and make sure they get their money's worth!!

Mandi and I worked on a presentation called "The ABC's of Cystic Fibrosis". I'll have to translate the speech to blog form sometime here in the near future, but if you read the blog, you can probably guess what it's about: Attitude. Balance. Commitment.

I sure hope that all goes well and that the participants of this year's event can at least take a little bit away from this presentation. If you're in the Albany area, I would love to see you, otherwise, wish me luck!!!