Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Called, You Answered.

We made the phone call and you guys answered in a BIG way!! If you don't know what I'm referring to, let me give you the inside scoop...

At CysticLife yesterday we conducted a survey for a big pharma in order to raise money for the CF community. They agreed to pay us 100 dollars per survey, but with a 100 survey limit. We were given two weeks to gather the surveys, but we made it our goal to have them completed in 24 hours. Never will I underestimate you guys again! Anyone want to guess how long it took the community to knock out the 100 survey cap? Anyone? Alright, I'll just tell you then...31 MINUTES! Read that again, 31 minutes, as in 1 minute past half of an hour. I couldn't believe it and the pharma company was, and I quote, "speechless". This was ALL ABOUT you guys! The way that this community responds to the call is simply amazing.

When starting CysticLife this was certainly something we had in mind. I used to dream about an "army of fundraisers". I really think this survey opportunity was just the beginning. We're going to continue to think of creative and fun ways that we can raise money for the CF community. You may be thinking right now, well where is the money going? To be honest, we don't exactly know yet, but I can tell you this: We will spend it on whatever we think will make a direct and immediate impact on members of the CF community. We've thrown a couple of things out that have gotten a good response, but I thought I'd run them by you guys too. We're thinking stuff like; gym memberships, personal trainers, better compressors, travel compressors, Wii Fit, etc. Have any ideas that you'd like to add to the mix??

Anyway, that's not really what this blog is about. It's mainly about me bragging about how great you guys are. We all got together and really showed these guys the power of social media and an engaged and active community!! I really think that this whole experience will give us more opportunities down the road and I can't wait to see what's next! Again, I can't thank you enough.

Stay active. Stay engaged. And let's all do this together :)