Monday, April 19, 2010

"Sliced Bread" for a CF Toddler

We have some near and dear friends, Jeremy and Rachel, who are the wonderful parents to an adorable little Fibro, Asher. They are a really fun couple and are always a good time to hang out with. We were fortunate enough to get to spend some time with them last week and catch up over dinner (half-priced appetizers to be exact). Now, I could write my whole blog about how wonderful they are, BUT that isn't the point of this post (see title). This post is about the COOLEST innovation they introduced me to about 6 months ago, one that just became available online to anyone who wants one...and has $19.50 plus shipping to spend :)

So here's the back story (and the buildup). Jeremy and Rachel were having a tough time when it came to treatments with little Asher. In the words of Rachel:

The tiny elastic strap to hold his nebulizer mask on his head was terrible. It would fall down the back of his head, or pull on his ears, or roll over the top of his head. Especially when he was really little it was a constant battle to keep the mask on his face.

They were super frustrated, and in their frustration, they began to talk to friends about the problem. One of their friends thought she could come up with a solution. After a few different prototypes, and several tests on the ever adorable "guinea pig", Asher, she developed the world's coolest solution: a fitted headstrap that ACTUALLY works. Here's what Rachel said about the end result:

We no longer have to sit and wrestle with him to hold the mask on his face. He sits comfortably in his gamer chair and does his treatment with his hands free to play with his trains, and soon video games, all while having the mask securely on his face. We've been using this mask holder for 8 months now and are so thankful for it every time it's treatment time.

Since the mask worked so well for them, they encouraged their friend to make them readily available to the CF community. The friend took their suggestion and set up a webpage on Etsy.

Click HERE to order or just to check it out.

Leave any comments or suggestions you may have for the mastermind behind the product...we'll pass them along.

**This is not a paid advertisement. I just happen to think it's the coolest invention and something that some of you may be interested in.

I was just informed that Etsy is having a problem and it says that the product is sold out. If you are looking to order one and are experiencing issues with etsy, please email and she will respond to you.