Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Important Purchase!!!

Mandi and I made two of the most important purchases of our young lives a couple of days ago. Any one want to guess what it is? I'll give you some clues:

- We wanted to get to know our neighborhood a little better
- We needed another way to exercise
- We love the beach
- It brought us back to our younger years

Any guesses? Well, if you didn't see the pictures I attached first and you had some guesses, please feel free to let me know what you were thinking.


Beach Cruisers!!! That's right, we bought some bikes that make it feel as if we're cruising along the beach. If you guys are interested in picking yourself up some of these tasty little treats let me give you a piece of Target or Walmart. Bike shops charge a FORTUNE for these metal frames of goodness. At the big box stores you can snag one for around 100 bucks.

So far Mandi and I have cruised different parts of our neighborhood a couple of times and used our bikes to go and get the mail everyday. I mean, walking to the mailbox is so 2009 right?? Yesterday we stepped it up a notch and decided to ride our bikes to dinner. One thing I love about our new neighborhood is that we're about 1.5 miles away from all of the action. Seriously, you name it, and it's 1.5 miles away. Super Target, Super Walmart, Home Depot, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, Sports Chalet, Chipotle, Jamba Juice, McDonalds, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Hi-Health and about 50 other stores, restaurants and banks that I'm forgetting or don't know the name to.

So last night we road our cruisers up to Native New Yorker which is a pizza and wing joint with franchises in Arizona and Texas. We took full advantage of their "after 8:30 half off of appetizers" special and went to town. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and just relax with my wife :) Anyway, after devouring cheese sticks, fried zucchini, boneless wings and loaded steak fries, we hopped back on our bikes and headed home. It feels SO good to be cruising around on summer nights in Arizona. It's still a little hot, but you feel cool air beating against your body while riding the bike.

We look forward to other adventures on our bikes VERY soon....and we can't thank you enough Grammy for giving us the dough to make this purchase. Love ya!!!!