Monday, June 7, 2010

Married Life Rocks My Socks

ANNNND I'm back. Obviously not totally because you'll notice that this didn't post at 4 am like they're "supposed" to. Last night Ronnie looked at me at 10:45 pm and said, "what's Mandi Monday about?"....WHOOPS. But that's ok, some are just slower than others to get back into the saddle.

So let me fill you guys in. LIFE. IS. GOOD! I was absolutely thrilled with how the wedding turned out. Everything went smoothly (I think in large part because my mom ran around the whole day and night running the I love my momma!) Everything was beautiful. The ceremony was wonderful. We wrote our own vows and that was the best decision we made for the whole wedding. We didn't read each other's vows prior, so it was an incredible feeling, standing up there, having the love of your life tell you just what you mean to them. I tell you what, Ronnie did a BEAUTIFUL job on his vows. I've never felt so loved, so appreciated and so blessed. The only "bad" thing about the wedding is what everyone tells you, it FLEW by. There are moments that we both stopped, to just take it all in, and even those moments are fuzzy. But luckily we have it all on film, so we'll watch it back and I'm sure that'll help.

The honeymoon was great, but I won't focus on that because I know you saw pictures.

The best part about the last two weeks: Getting home and settling into life with my amazing husband. I was going to do a top 10 list of being married, but the problem is, there's far more than 10, and the best parts are VERY little things. Here are a few though: Sitting at our dining room table eating a dinner we made together in our kitchen. Setting up our closet with my stuff on the left, his stuff on the right, and walking in each day to be reminded that we get to live together. Finding out how nutty Ronnie is about having all of the labels facing out on items in the pantry. Looking over to see Ronnie kickin' it in his underwear because our A/C went out. Brushing my teeth next to Ronnie. Tag team cleaning the whole house to get ready for company. Riding our cruisers around the 'hood, coffee mugs in hand, chatting about what we want to do with our house and our yard.

Anyway, those are just a few favorites...I won't bore you by going on. Needless to say, I'm loving married life.