Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inspiring Story from "Jail"

A recent blog by a fellow cyster that I found to be very inspiring:

by Marina Finnell

So I've been in the hospital for 11 days now and I am finally getting to go home tomorrow! Well, that's the plan anyways, let's hope that's still the case when tomorrow comes! Oddly enough though, this hospital stay seems like it has gone by quicker than most others do. I am usually in the hospital (or as I like to sometimes refer to it, as "jail" haha) for at least 2 full weeks, but this time, i have been working my butt off like a crazy lady with all of my treatments and exercise and meds that my PFT's have gone through the roof!!!! =] I am sooo excited to be able to make this stay a short one and to get on to enjoying my last summer before I start college in August!!!

So when I was admitted to "jail" (hehe) 11 days ago, my PFT's were not so hot, they were below 50% :/ I realize that there are plenty more CFer's out there that are living their daily lives even lower than that, but everyone's story and their CF is different. So I don't want to sound "braggish" or annoying to other people reading this, which is why people write their Own blogs and what not, because it is about them. haha. Anyways, a 50% PFT is really bad for me, it's the lowest I have ever been and if you think about it, it's like only being able to breath with one lung. Blah. The Docs weren't too happy with this number oddly enough haha. So after getting yet another Reality check this year (as I am growing up and moving on in life, I have been getting a lot of reality checks with my CF this last year haha) I have been working my little heart out in here and doing my treatments and meds etc. like a crazy person and I realized, they seriously ALL make a huge difference! After just 4 days of constant treatments, IV meds, and determination, I got my PFT's up from 50% to 67% ! That's huge for me! =]

The next day, I had a bronchoscopy and my first sinus surgery done! Wow, did those two make a difference!!! I feel AWESOME! They sure did clean me out! :) After 9 days of being in the hospital and 4 days after my procedures, my PFT's were up from 50%, to 67%, to now 76% ! :) Whooo! 76% is higher than my numbers have been in at least 6 or 7 years!!! My baseline is usually only around 65% too so I've definitely made huge progress!

Are you ready for the BEST news of all?!?!?! Today, my 11th day in here, my PFT's are up to 79%!!!! So close to an amazing 80, but I will most definitely accept a 79% and my Docs will gladly take them as well! But the hard work and dedication to my CF and my body does not stop here! As I am preparing to go off to college here soon in a ocuple months, this last year and these last couple weeks alone, have been great experiences for me! I now have been able to see for myself what I am truly capable of doing on my own! =]

It's all just so exciting! I had to share this first experience of becoming an adult and dealing with CF all on my own without mommy dictating everything I do haha! Well, RT just walked in and it's time for my last evening treatment of this hospital stay!!! =] Whoo! Approximately 12 more hours and I'm FREE again!!! :)

Isn't that sooooo cool?!??!?!? It just shows that if we set our mind to it and put in the work sometimes the impossible is possible. Great job cyster and I can't wait to read about even higher PFT's next time :)