Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash Me Friday - "Our Dishes"

This week's addition of Flash Me Friday call for pictures of our dishes. I actually ran the dishwasher before calling it a night last night, so that's where you'll find most of our dishes. And as you'll see, our dishes are about as plain as you can get and just the way we like em. They were a wedding gift (mostly provided by our uncle Scott and aunt Mary *Thanks guys!!!!*). These are the most basic and I believe most inexpensive dishes that you can find at Crate and Barrel.

As you can see, we drink a lot of coffee around here, and when dishes are done, we're basically just washing our coffee mug collection.

Here's most of our plates minus what you'll see in upcoming pictures.

We've been using our smaller plates more often for some reason. I think Mandi is trying to tell me I'm fat!

Always wanted one of these plate rack thingys built into the kitchens cabinets.

Below the bowls goes the smaller plates, but since they're all in the dishwasher, I didn't include that shelf in the picture.

Are you interested in also participating? This brainchild of Jen over at The Groettum Family blog is going to be a weekly series in which we have to take a picture of her choosing without any cleaning up whatsoever. If you want in on the action, please visit here for the "rules".