Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Trip to New Jersey (pictures included)

This past week we were fortunate enough to be able to fly out to New Jersey and turn a work trip into a vacation. Or maybe it was a vacation into a work trip? Either way, it was nice to be laying on the beach one day and be moving the ball forward in business the next. Some family friends have a beach house in Avalon, NJ that they were gracious enough to open up to us. It's about a 1 minute walk to the beach from their house, so you really couldn't ask for a better location. Being born and raised in Arizona, pretty much everything is foreign to me on the east coast. I'm not used to seeing "quaint" towns. And if I see old towns, they're generally run down and falling apart at the seams. Avalon, NJ has the quaint old feel, yet it looks brand spanking new cause everyone does a great job on the old upkeep.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment (I hope) with a brief description:

This was the horse that we rode from the Philly airport to the Jersey Shore. Say hello to the high performance of the Pontiac Vibe...just don't forget to feed the gerbils under the hood.

We stayed at the house of some family friends in Avalon, NJ

Side view of the house

View from the 2nd story porch. This is where we ate dinner most nights.

Outdoor shower. I actually never experienced this "dream" but I heard it was awesome. Looks like I have something to look forward to for next time :)

Coming into their house

Here's Mandi blow drying her hair. She has fun doing pretty much anything and everything.

These bikes got our fannies in the seats every day. We made it a morning tradition to ride to a local coffee shop to pick up some freshly brewed joe.

Some more seats that got a lot of use. My butt was parked in them at the beach.

Family photo from left to right: Ronnie, Wifey, Nana and Poppi