Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's in a Google? WHY GIRLS

Here's something I started a couple of weeks ago on RSBR, cause as we all know, the weekends are slow around here. I call it "What's in a Google?". It's simple really; type one word into Google and see what the magic bot suggests for you. Once in a while, you can get some pretty funny suggestions. What's crazy, is I'm pretty sure that it means these are the most common searches.

Word: why girls

Top suggested searches:

why girls crop their photos
why girls shouldn't drink soda
why girls like guys
why girls like bad boys
why girls don't fart
why girls like twilight
why girls don't poop
why girls like jerks
why girls are better than boys
why girls don't like nice guys

GUILTY!!!! If Google was around when I was younger I can assure you that I would have typed that into the magical search box at some point. I vividly remember thinking as a kid that girls weren't capable of pooping and I wondered why. I'm just glad that I wasn't (or am) the only dumb kid out there :)