Monday, August 9, 2010

Martha Stewart Watch Out!

My mom has an eye for decorating. My parents' house looks like something straight out of a decorating magazine. My mom has this unbelievable ability to find the most beautiful items at unbelievably cheap prices. She'll find the coolest things at TJ Maxx, second-hand stores, you name it. And the best thing about my mom's ability to decorate, is her ability to find something cool, refashion it, and make it cooler. She can sew, build, create. It's amazing!!

...I, on the other hand, am a decorating IDIOT. I don't know what goes with what, where things go, how to find killer deals - nada. But lucky for me, I had my mom in town this last week to get me going on a decorating kick. She showed me that with just a few additions, you can make a big impact. So Ronnie and I added a few touches this week....check them out!

This is a Turkish Dough Riser I got from Razmataz and filled it with chick peas, split peas and kidney beans and candles.
Two veggie pictures from The Great Indoors
A GIANT fork from The Great Indoors- who doesn't need a giant fork, right?
An iron piece to hang on the oven hood from Hobby Lobby (like how I don't know what to even call it?!)
Used the same beans to fill the glass jars on the table - beans from Walmart.
Another iron thing, this time hung above the bed from Hobby Lobby