Monday, September 27, 2010

Our PERFECT New Neighbors

I've had a secret dream ever since I was little. My dream was that my brother and I would be next door neighbors when we were older. I had it all planned out. Me and his wife would be best of friends. And our kids would be similar ages; running back and forth from house to house in their diapers playing all day long. And of course they'd be in school together, and we'd take turns driving them or walking them all to the bus stop.

I always thought my dream was a bit unrealistic. We moved around a ton as kids, so in my mind, that's just what people do - they move. How would it be possible to happen to move to the same places at the same times? Also, it's not like we grew up in a small town that generation after generation stay in, filling the shoes of their parents. So even though I wanted my dream to come true, the realistic side of me (a VERY small portion of my being) gave up on my dream.

Well, this weekend, my dream came true. Josh and Chrissy bought a house in our neighborhood, within walking distance. They closed on the house last week, and Saturday was move-in day. Their house is unbelievably beautiful (I saw the inside for the first time Saturday when I went to help them unpack), and it suits them. It has an awesome backyard that is perfect for grilling and sitting out enjoying some music. It has a great study that will be perfect for Josh to study and work from (he's going to ASU to get an MBA right now while working full time as an engineer for Honeywell). It has a kitchen fit for a chef - Chrissy isn't technically a chef, but with as good as her cooking is, she should really look into it. Their furniture looks PERFECT in the different rooms. All in all, they couldn't have made a better selection. But even with ALL of that, the thing I like most about their house is that they're our neighbors!!

Here's to unrealistic dreams coming true!!
(Sorry, that was a cheesy ending, but it was just too easy!!)