Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today Is the Day!

Today's the day that I start training for my half-half-half-marathon (for those of you doing the math at home, I believe that's around a 5k...at least that's my hope!). I haven't been able to run for the past few months, at any real pace, because of some bleeding issues. The hope is that they've been resolved during this hospital stay and that I'll be able to start pushing it again. Now, I don't want you guys to get the wrong impression, I certainly haven't been sitting on my booty for the past three months. There were still daily bike rides, walks and trips to the gym, but I was just never able to really take it to the next level. Every time I would put A LOT of strain on my lungs, Mr. Hemoptysis would knock on the door. That can happen. I understand that it can happen, but I don't like it. That's one reason I was so excited for this trip to the Hole. I knew I needed it, not only for my lung function (which by the way has almost returned to my year high), but also to get me back into the position to run again. I may hate running more than anything else in the world, but I still miss it.

So here's what I'm asking you to do. I WILL go for a run later on today. Can you check in with me before you go to bed and call me out? Make sure I run today? There's no doubt in my mind that I will lace up my shoes and run, but in the off chance I need some extra motivation, I want to know that you guys will kick my butt if I don't.

Thanks guys!!