Monday, September 20, 2010

Your body is unlike any other machine...

Yesterday was a day I've been dreading! Day numero uno in training for a half marathon in January. I wasn't so much dreading my run. In fact, I've had the itch for the last few weeks to get out running. I came up with a TON of excuses: it's tough to squeeze in runs while Ronnie's in (yeah right, I have nothing but time), it's still too hot out, I'll start when it cools off, etc etc. The truth of the matter is, I was dreading that first run because I knew it would make me realize just how out of shape I've become.

It's always the worst feeling - you're not very far into a run, a fraction of what you used to run, and you're already feeling HORRIBLE. Your legs are tired. Your feeling winded. You think, "UGH, this used to be SO easy...what the heck?!" It's frustrating.

And I wish that I could say, "I went for my run today, and it felt way better than I thought it would...I was cruising along and it was a piece of cake". BUUUUUT that would be a big, fat lie. It sucked. As soon as I left the glorious AC of the hospital and starting picking up speed until I was at a running pace (side note: do you ever milk how long you can walk before you do the awkward lean forward to push your body into a running speed? Anyone know what I'm talking about? I know my mom does because when we run together, we both wait for the OTHER one to initiate the lean forward to signal that we're starting to run.) soon as I started running I was thinking, "Man....maybe 105 IS hot". But then I started to fall into a rhythm and felt pretty good....for about 7 minutes. I pushed myself to run 20. I kept telling myself, "You big weenie, you can make it hurt for 20 minutes." But at the 20 minute mark I allowed myself to stop, and ran/walked the last 10 minutes back to the hospital.

All that being said - I'm excited to run tomorrow. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment, maybe I'm crazy?! And don't get me wrong, I'm going to be making all sorts of excuses in my head as I lace up my running shoes, but I can tell you I'm excited because I know it'll bring me one step closer to be back into shape, and ready for my race. And as I always say to Ronnie (I'm sure a very annoying statement as you're pulling for air, but never-the-less I say it) - "Your body is unlike any other machine. It will adapt to the stresses you put on it." I'm gonna show this machine who's boss.................eventually :)

Thinking about joining me and making it hurt for a few weeks, so you can get into stellar shape?! Check out this video to get you PUMPED up!