Monday, March 14, 2011

First Tummy Shots

Welp, as many of you can tell, we're still in the hole, but we're thinking Ronnie will likely get out Tuesday or Wednesday. They decided (upon Ronnie's request) to do a 5-day Prednisone burst, so he'll be on Prednisone for 5 days and then taper off (likely at home). Hopefully we get out soon, because between my hormonal craziness and Ronnie on Prednisone, we just might end up killing one another before we spring him. hasn't been that bad (the combo that hormonal craziness has, in fact, been that bad).

Which brings me to my next update. We have our first ultrasound at 3pm today. We couldn't be more excited. We will find out if there is in fact a baby growing in there, and see if it's one or two! I have a hunch it's one, but maybe we'll be surprised and it will be two! I am both excited and nervous! I don't care if it's one or two, as long as there's at least one!! Still no morning sickness. My tummy feels a little out of wack if I'm very hungry or very full, but other than that, nada. I have been pretty sleepy - I even took a nap on Saturday and Sunday for an hour or so each. But I've had the energy to get some run-walks in (more walking than running), so that is good. The most unattractive of my pregnancy symptoms seems to be coming on in full force. My face is more broken out than when I went through puberty and I have more hair on my tummy? Yeah, oh so attractive, I was debating keeping those things to myself, but I've promised the facts, so there you have them - the good, the bad, and the really ugly. Now, a bit of a disclaimer, I've googled "hair on tummy" and some people talk about long, dark, coarse hair - luckily, that is not what I'm dealing with. But my blonde peach fuzz does seem to be darker than I ever remember it. Although, it may not be helped by how sunless I am (pale skin, and my hair is always darker in the winter) and the fact that I only look at it under the yellow, florescent lights of the hospital room. Perhaps I should check it out in the light of day, maybe it's all in my head? As for the pizza face, I don't think the lighting or lack of sun can explain it away. It's pretty bad. I'm just hopeful that getting off these Progesterone injections may help clear it up a bit (but I'm not holding my breath).

As promised, here are some belly pics. You'll notice it's really just a lot of bloating, and my bloating in my tummy is finally going away. (I think It may be defying gravity and going straight to my chest - I now almost fill an A-cup...look out, I may move out of my training bra at some point! ha!) Also, I will include my weight (although I think that may become brutal! I've put the average for the week, as my weight fluctuates by a few pounds from day to day, I think it's due to all the water I'm retaining.)

Before the egg retrieval - my pre-pregnancy belly
Weight: 105 lbs
A few days after egg retrieval (I wasn't kidding about the bloating)
Weight 108 lbs
4 weeks pregnant
Weight: 107 lbs
5 weeks pregnant
Weight: 108 lbs
6 weeks pregnant
Weight: 108 lbs

In looking at these photos, my tummy looks like it's getting bigger. But I assure you in person the bloating was worse in weeks 4 and 5 and now is less. These were all in the morning, and the bloating is always the worst at night, so these just don't do it justice.