Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Lil' Fibro is Kicking Booty!!

My man Kaleb out in Oklahoma had a big weekend. He's been training his butt off for a 1 mile race and today he got to show everyone what he's got. When I heard the news about his record time I was smile ear-to-ear and felt like a proud big brother. I'd love it if you guys could stop by A Little Hope from Oklahoma... and tell Kaleb how proud you are. Here is an excerpt of the blog but I highly encourage you to click on THIS LINK and check out the pictures of this little fibro.

Today was a wonderful day for Kaleb! He ran his first race ever and it was a 1 mile fun run at the St. Patty's run in Tulsa. Before today, his best time when we were practicing was 16 1/2 minutes. Today, as you can see on the picture above, he finished in 12 minutes! I was so proud of him! We ran together and for most of the race, he held my hand and asked me to help him keep going. I was so proud to watch him work so hard and get through his obstacles, fears, physical hardships...all to succeed in what he set his mind to.

Don't forget to stop by their blog and give them some words of love and support. It's always awesome to see the younger ones taking exercise seriously and kicking butt in the process!!