Friday, June 17, 2011

Apartment Hunting

My two brothers came up from Tucson last night to complete one mission, and one mission only this weekend: Find an apartment for Andrew. Andrew is my 21 year old (single, ladies) brother who will be attending ASU in the fall in pursuit of a Masters in Family and Marriage Counseling. I'm so excited to have him up here in Phoenix and am counting down the days until my little brother Grant can join him! It will be a while for Grant however as he will be going into his sophomore year at THE U of A in pursuit of a degree in Civil Engineering (I have no idea what that is either).

So, if you're in the Tempe area or live next to the light-rail, leave me a comment on some suggestions on where Andrew can live. We'll be doing some hunting on our own this weekend, but suggestions are always welcomed!

Thanks guys.