Monday, June 13, 2011

Half-way There

Welp, this is it. This is the week I've been waiting for since hearing the words, "you're pregnant." It's week 20. Week 20 means we're half way through this pregnancy and, better yet, half way to holding our precious little baby in our arms. As you can tell, I've been counting down the weeks until I could say we were half way there. When I really think about it, it's a little silly that I put so much stake on the 20 week mark...considering that means I still have 20 weeks left, which is kind of a long time. Regardless, I'm thrilled.

So here are a few tid-bits on momma. My belly is starting to show, although it's still pretty tiny. I'm hoping that means I'll stay on the smaller side throughout the pregnancy, but I think I will likely be small, small, small, and then BOOM, blow up. We shall see. My weight is climbing far faster than peanut's, with a grand total of 10 lbs (gulp...I promised I'd share, but that may change as I grow ;-) !!) My acne is getting better, but it's still not great. I think it's going to be with me until peanut is born, but I've accepted it at this point. It's been a good lesson in vanity and accepting that which I cannot change.

As many of you read, we had an ultrasound last weekend and found out that we're having a little girl (high fives and big smiles). We are totally thrilled at the idea of having a baby girl, although we've decided to hold our excitement back a tiny bit until we have another scan at 28 weeks to confirm that it is in fact a little girl. It may sound silly, but I've seen way too many stories online of parents being told "girl" only to be told "boy" a few weeks or scans later. So Ronnie and I still call peanut, "peanut" but we do slip in "she" and "her" pretty frequently.

And for that reason, we're still holding off on buying adorable headbands and tutus for another several weeks. But my mom is going to be in town in two weeks, and as some of you may remember reading in previous posts, my mom is like Martha Stewart. Anywhoo, she's only here for a few weeks, and she probably won't be back until it's baby time, so I don't want to miss my chance getting her great, this is the stuff that moms and daughters are supposed to do together. Therefore, we're starting to think about the nursery, and are going to make all the big items neutral, and then just add gender-specific touches (ie furniture, bedding neutral; pillows, wall decor gender-specific). I think the nursery is just as much for mom and dad as it is for baby...since parents spend a lot of time in there. So we're making it a space that feels really relaxing and calming (this stress ball needs relaxing and calming). So below are two pictures of my nursery inspiration...I'd love to hear your thoughts!