Monday, June 20, 2011

When Momma's Happy...

This year, Father's Day around our household was like any other day. While Ronnie is very much a daddy as this point, he was very adamant that we didn't celebrate Mother's and Father's Day to their full potential until Peanut is here in our arms. However, I must say, I spent a good part of the day envisioning next year's Father's Day and how wonderful a daddy Ronnie will be to our little Peanut!

So all that said, yesterday was just an average Sunday; church, lounging, laundry. But I thought I'd share our little something special from the day...and that is pregnancy craving dinner! I started dreaming about dinner around, oh say, 5pm ish - well before dinner time, but about the time I start getting hungry and have to tell myself, "just a few more hours." Knowing that we didn't have much around the house (probably should have gone to the store and done a major shopping trip way earlier in the day, but oh well), I start browsing the internet to see what crazy concoction I could scrounge together. The problem was, I was feeling like dessert. I wanted something sweet. I didn't really want dinner. And then Ronnie said something that was music to my ears, "I want breakfast for dinner." "Bingo," I thought. Breakfast can be something sweet! So I start searching for a creative breakfast-dinner idea, and that is when I first laid eyes on it. A recipe that was fit for a pregnant lady, craving something dessert, but needing to disguise it as a dinner. Peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast. It was the perfect combo. Breakfast - check. Sweet - check. Protein and fruit to nourish peanut - check.

So here you have it. The tastiest breakfast-dinner around...with protein and fruit to justify it as nourishment!

Gather simple ingredients: bread (we used cinnamon raisin), PB, honey, bananas, eggs, powdered sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, vanilla, milk (not pictured), jelly (we didn't end up using it and instead used maple syrup)
Spread PB on each piece of bread. Then cut up banana and put it on 1/2 the slices, and drizzle honey on the other half.
Put a banana side with a honey side to make "sandwiches"
Dunk both sides of each "sandwich" in a mixture of the spices, eggs, milk, and vanilla and throw it in a pan to cook over medium heat.
Put powdered sugar and syrup on top and ENJOY!!!

Hope everyone else had a lovely Father's Day...if you're looking to drag on the celebration, I recommend doing it with breakfast-dinner PB and Banana Stuffed Cinnamon Raisin French Toast.