Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some People Just Go Above and Beyond

We're always caught so off-guard when we get kind notes, or in this case thoughtful gifts, from those in the CF community. We don't feel at all deserving of them, and as people who are uncomfortable accepting gifts from family, accepting kind words and gifts from "strangers" is a whole different ballgame. Nevertheless, when someone goes above and beyond for us, we feel the need to give them some love.

A super special momma to a studly young fibro totally made our day this week. Not only did Julie send us something for Peanut, but she actually took the time to make it with her own hands. I have to give her some love for that, but I also feel the need to give her some love for the email that she sent in order to get our address to send the package. It is by far one of the most entertaining notes I received and I loved every minute of it:

Ok, first off, let me preface by saying I'm not a stalker. Seriously. If I were, it wouldn't be for anyone in a state as stupidly hot as Arizona, because the weather there is simply not conducive for stalking. Beyond that, I'm entirely too lazy to stalk, though I do keep up with your blog because that only takes a click of my mouse, which, while that takes a bit of an effort, is doable for even lazy people.

Now how am I not supposed to give up our address? Seriously, how cute was that? I was smiling ear-to-ear the day that I got it as I'm smiling ear-to-ear today re-reading it. After that splendid intro she hit me with the deets:

I made your baby girl a lightweight sweater for this fall and winter. I don't know how cold it gets there, but this should be fine for Arizona. Not too warm, but warm enough. It fits up to three months old and is made from lightweight, machine washable (on delicate cycle) wool. I'd lay it flat to dry. The buttons are little roses (of course) inside of hearts, replicas from the 1930s. I'm quite proud of it and I want you to have it. So give me an addy. I figure you probably have a PO for Cysticlife, which is cool, but if not, I promise I'm safe to send a personal address to without you having to sleep at night with one eye open.

Classic Julie, simply classic.

I of course wrote an email to her singing my praises, but sometimes that's just not enough for me. I wanted to make sure others could share in my joy. So here it is, a simple public thank you on my personal blog to a woman that I feel needs to be recognized. THANK YOU SO MUCH JULIE!! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and I hope that everyone reading can see how much hard work you put into this. Truly amazing.

Without further adieu, please check out the cutest hand knit sweater in the world (and yes, those are heart buttons with little roses on them) :)