Friday, July 22, 2011

Something a little crazy...

So I've started something that some of you may think is a little crazy. Before I dive into exactly what it is, let me give you my reasons. I'm tired of feeling bloated all of the time. My shirts seem to get more snug with each passing day (and believe me, it's not muscle). I looked down at the scale last week and saw myself about 5 pounds away from an all-time high. Note about that, that all-tim high came after a hospital stay in which I was hopped up on prednisone. I managed to pop a button off my shorts during a golf swing two weeks ago. And finally, I needed another physical challenge.

I'm sure you guys have probably guessed it by now - I'm counting calories. Before I mislead you though, let me refine that statement - I'm becoming more aware of how many calories are in the stuff I eat and adjusting accordingly. I can already see many of you gasping and saying "No CFer should be trying to lose weight!". In most cases, I agree, but I don't think I fall under most cases. My BMI puts me up there with the contestants from biggest loser. I've spent most of my adult life between 185 - 190 and last week I was 205. If this was an issue of me bulking up because of muscle mass, I wouldn't be worried. It's not however and I have the fatty tissue to prove it.

I'm not getting crazy (yet) and can hopefully avoid falling over the OCD with my food cliff. I'm pretty OCD about many things, but my food intake is not something that I want it to bleed over into. So what am I doing to cut the weight?

Using smaller plates for my meals
Not returning for seconds
Eating more servings of vegetables and fruit
Taking more time to eat my meals

That's not too crazy right? So far it's working and the adjustment hasn't really been that big. I'm still eating the same types off foods, just less of it. Mandi and I will be able to continue to cook foods that we like, but I will try to enjoy them in a different way. Easy peezy right?

Last Thursday I weighed in at 205, this Thursday, 197. Game on.