Monday, August 29, 2011

Nesting: Playroom Addition

As of tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be 31 weeks pregnant - WAHOO! Somehow 31 weeks sounds WAY further along than 29 or even 30 weeks (silly how your brain can work that way sometimes...who knows why that sounds so much further along). So the clock feels like it's really tickin' fast now. Therefore, we decided this weekend was a good weekend to get crackin' on the playroom. Our house's common areas (family room, dining room, kitchen) aren't great places to play, so we are making the bedroom next to Peanut's nursery (connected by a jack and jill bathroom) a playroom. The plan is to have all of Peanut's toys live in there, and much of the play happen in there, but obviously everything will make its way out into the rest of the house a ton, but at least the toys will have somewhere to "live". We went on Friday and purchased a sleeper sofa (figured it could double as another guest room if we ever needed the space). Then on Saturday and yesterday, we ran all over the place shopping for additional furniture and storage for toys. In shopping for furniture, storage, and decorative stuff, we stumbled upon a ton of reasonably priced puzzles, books and toys at Tuesday Morning (I've never been - WAY cool store).

So 1 couch, 2 pillows, 1 throw, 1 "rocking cow", 2 shelves, 12 nylon storage boxes, 38 books, 4 puzzles, 3 toys, and 2 stuffed animals later, the playroom is getting close to being ready for Peanut. We didn't get many toys or "baby things" (like jumpers, bouncey seat, swing, etc) because we're registered for all of that, so it will come with time (after the shower).

Anywhoo, check out what we have so far:
Couch - moreso for mom and dad than Peanut - and a fun "rocking cow" that sings songs.

Storage on one side of the closet. No toys in there...yet!

Storage on the other side of the closet.

The small storage shelves are already filled with books and puzzles from this weekend! We got a little carried away!!

So there you have it! That's Peanut's playroom thus far. It's mainly just the bones. Can't wait to get a rug, stuff for the walls, and all the fun baby stuff like a jumper, playmat, bouncey seat, you name it!!