Friday, August 26, 2011

We get to "see" Peanut today!!

Just random little tidbits about my Peanut...

Today we are heading back to the 3d/4d ultrasound place to get another scan done. We really enjoyed the first one, and although it's not covered by insurance, we think it is worth every penny. They're all about getting good shots of your baby and providing as many pictures as possible. We also opted to get a DVD of the entire ultrasound and I'm sure that we will be doing that again. Be sure to tune into the blog this weekend or Monday as I'm sure we will be posting some pics!!

Another thing I thought I would mention (only because it's so crazy to me), is that now Peanut is getting to the point that we can feel individual body parts. There are times that I could swear me and Peanut are shaking hands! Just before I started writing this blog, I'm pretty sure that I was able to identify almost every one of her body parts. I also got as close to holding her as one could possibly get at this point as I had her head in my right hand and her butt in my left. It's so freaking cool!!

We've also started to read to Peanut per the suggestion of a librarian here in Chandler. Granted, she was talking about after they are born, but we figured it's never too soon. Peanut usually becomes very active when we read to her and I'm of course "sure" that she is reacting to my voice. Probably not, but it sure makes me feel special :)

I can tell you this, I'm absolutely screwed.