Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Workout Wednesday: Me Update

Things have been a bit crazy around here for the last week or so with the arrival of Mckenna, but some of you have asked how I was doing, so I thought I would give a quick update on me. I'll do it in bullet format as it seems that would be the best way for my foggy brain to keep it all straight. Here we go:

  • Throughout the whole process in the hospital with Mandi and Mckenna, I kept up with my treatments by running home when my girls were sleeping. Mandi and I know that my short-term sacrifices when it comes to treatments have a great chance of bearing long-term rewards, so we do our best to make it happen.
  • Since Mckenna has been home, I've been able to keep up with my full treatment and gym schedule. Mckenna seems to enjoy treatment time with her daddy already as the sound of the vest and compressor put her into a nice deep sleep.
  • I'm still lifting weights almost everyday and it's been nice to see a slight change in my body since recommitting to weight lifting. My arms, chest and back have seen an increase in mass.
  • As far as cardio goes, I've been really good about making it to my spin class and still love it to death. It amazes me how good of a workout I can get in 45 short minutes. If the had an award for who sweat the most, I would definitely win.
  • I've also been testing my foot a bit more as of late with some longer walks and even a few short runs on the treadmill. So far, so good. I purchased new shoes which seem to be making a difference and I've been able to avoid pain in the foot for the past week. I hope to work running back in to cardio routine very soon.
  • My weight has still been decreasing (on purpose) and I've met my goal weight for round number 1. My goal was to get to 185 pounds from a starting weight of 205. I gave myself 6 months, but here we are 3 months later and I'm at about 180. I've been losing the weight through increased exercise and eating smaller but more frequent meals.
  • Overall, I'm feeling great and hope that my next PFTs in mid-November show how I'm feeling. If not, I'll make some adjustments and continue to move forward.

So hopefully that gives you guys a pretty good perspective on how things have been going for me physically. Mentally? Well, you may need to check back with me in a couple of weeks! :)