Friday, January 20, 2012

Making the Most of Opportunities

Hi, Y'all...Mandi Here (thought I'd give you the heads up since it isn't Monday!)

The title may make it sound as if I'm going to share with you some great, life-changing opportunity that I have triumphantly capitalized on that resulted in me being transformed and bettered. If you're looking for that kind of post, you're definitely going to be disappointed. This is a tale of a tiny, insignificant opportunity that you'll likely question why I took the time to share it...never-the-less, here we go...

Mckenna likes to wake up to eat in the night...but shoot so does my mother-in-law (sorry, Denise, it was too easy...Ron Sr., maybe don't let her read this one!). Afterall, that's what babies are wired to do, right? Anywhoo, she tends to wake up somewhere between 3 and 7 to eat, and then goes back down until between 8 and 9. When I hear her on the monitor, I typically stagger down the hallway, illuminating my steps with the light of my cell phone. I then sit half-consious as she enjoys her mid-night snack, stagger back to my room, slither back into bed, and quickly drift back into dreamland. Well last night (Thursday night), I carried out my typical nightly ritual, except I crawled back into bed, only to lay awake. For those of you who have ever been up in the night, and tried with all your might to will yourself back to sleep, but couldn't, you know the feeling. It can be frustrating...right?

Well I had two choices, I could take a sleeping pill (which would require going to the store because we don't have that kind of thing in our pharmacy, I mean house). OR I could get up. So instead of getting annoyed that my little hungry monster was back to bed and I was awake, I decided to make the most of the opportunity. I got up, made a cup of coffee and started in on my work day. I figured if I was awake, why not just get up, finish my work day before she and Ronnie wake up, and then I could PLAY the rest of the day...maybe even nap. And I have to say, I have been incredibly productive (well until I decided to write this blog when I realized Ronnie didn't have anything scheduled to post...but what's a 20 minute break, right?).

Moral of the story? There are a few. First, if you don't want to be up in the night, don't make a baby. Second, if you can't sleep, but want to, choose Unisom, not coffee. And lastly, make the most of opportunities today.