Monday, January 16, 2012

Mckenna Monday: Head, Shoulders...Hands and Roll

Happy 3-month birthday to me...well almost. Tomorrow (the 17th) is 3 months officially. The time has flown. It feels like just yesterday that I was warm and cozy, snuggled up in mom's tummy. Man, I kinda miss being in there. Luckily mom brings back some for the comforts of my old home at nighttime: I get white noise and I'm swaddled while I sleep. So while it's not quite as awesome, it'll take it! Helps me sleep better at least.

This week has been a big one. Mom and dad keep saying "it's like she grew up over night." First, I'm using my hands a lot more than I used to. They seen shocked by how I'm grabbing things...but I'm not sure why. Of course I'm going to reach up and grab my butterfly, Buddy, and all the fun stuff hanging off of him while I'm on my playmat. I mean, when I grab the rings at the bottom and move it around, Buddy makes fun noises. Plus when I move Buddy around, I can see all the fun different patterns he has. They sure are impressed though. What's funny is that I'm still not that great with my hands and they're already impressed. I'll really blow then away when it doesn't take me 10 tries to actually grab what I want to grab. Maybe then they'll take 20 videos and pictures instead of just 10..ha!

Another thing I've been doing that really gets them excited is partially roll over...but you'd think I was totally rolling over by their reaction. I can't totally roll over yet though. As of now, I have to be half way between my side and my tummy. You can see how it unfolds in the pictures below. Mom and dad thought it was maybe by they had me do it over and over again and finally believed it was intentional when they noticed I do it the same way every time. It gets a bit frustrating though, because they take forever to get me set at the beginning. They want to make sure I'm far enough on my tummy that I can't topple over to my back by accident, and it takes what feels like forever.
This is how I start. Arm underneath me. Knee, foot and, shin of top leg on the floor.
I used my leg to give myself the momentum to get to my back.

My new favorite song is "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" you guys know that one? I think it's one that everyone knows, but I never quite know because mom and dad make up songs about everything that happens in the day. Anyway, I love that song. I mean who wouldn't? They sing a body part and touch it at the same time. I really start smiling when they get to "...eyes and ears and mouth and nose" because I think it's funny to touch all over my head and face.

Well that's it. I'll leave you with this picture. It's post bath, I LOVE bath time!