Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Year Ahead

I'm not a big New Year's resolution kind of a guy. I figure that if I need a certain day of the year to get me motivated, then making some a "must do" resolutions is the least of my worries. I do however like to look at the year ahead and figure out some things that I would like to accomplish or continue to do. They're not resolutions as much as they are plans for the future.

My number one focus this year is my family. Not only do I want to be the husband my wife has always dreamed about, but I want to be the kind of husband that blows away her expectations. I know that she would never say this, but she deserves that from me. The day I was blessed enough to make her my wife was the day that she made my life complete. I was finally given the woman that God created just for me and I could not have been happier. She "checks off all of my boxes" and my hope is that I can check off all of hers...and then maybe add some that she never thought about.

I also want to be the dad that my precious daughter deserves. There really isn't a whole lot that I can do right now besides meet her basic needs, but I can prepare myself for the future. Part of that is taking care of myself physically and also being there for Mandi so she can take care of herself. If we're there for each other and co-parent like we've always planned, that gives us both the much needed mental breaks once in a while as well. As we anticipate Mckenna growing from an infant to a toddler to little girl to a teen; I just hope that I can continue to sharpen my skills to be the father that God created me to be.

A big part of that is making sure that I'm capable to be the spiritual head of this household. I'm sold out on the fact that God has already laid out a plan for our family that is perfect, and a big part of that plan is for us to seek His Will. That of course is always a tough thing. How do I know His Will for my life? I don't have a blueprint for my life, or my family's(although that would be nice), but He did provide a blueprint for all of humanity to follow. This year I need to be sure to open up that blueprint, focus on what it says, talk with the Author and then wait for His response.

There are also some other things that I'd like to see done this year, but compared to what I've already talked about, it seems very arbitrary. I'd like to continue to pour into CysticLife.org and make sure it's the space that the CF community deserves. I'd like to I'd like to replant and spruce up my garden. I'd like to do a couple of house projects, not sure what they'll be, but something cool. I'd like to travel with my family of three. I'd like to continue to reach a couple of people with this blog.

So that's what's in store for me (if I have my way) - what about you???