Friday, March 30, 2012

Rapid Fire Questions

What are the goals of an online community?

To show that there are others out there who are walking in your shoes. It's also good to seek the opinions of those who have "been there" to see how it lines up with the opinion of someone who has not (ie medical professional)

What purpose does it serve for you personally?

I love meeting and talking to mommas in the CF community and places like Facebook and are great places to do that. I'm convinced that a successful CF life starts with the parents, so I try to get to them as soon as I can.

What are your greatest strengths?

I believe that God gave me the ability to step back and look at the ways that I contribute to outcomes that I may not like so much. Personal responsibility, in my opinion, is one of the greatest assets to a successful (CF) life. I would also say that my ability to stay calm would be a strength. I don't overreact. I don't waste energy on emotion, I put it towards action.

What are the resources you rely on the most?

I rely solely on the Lord my God for my strength, peace and attitude. Without Him, I would completely fail at this life.

How does your health and CF affect you economically?

Being hospitalized as much as I have has certainly limited my job pool. I've chosen to put my health above all else, while others may choose to put their career above their health. There are also the extra costs associated with meds and hospital stays that others may not have to endure.

And how does it affect other relationships in your life if at all?

I'm sure that other in my life worry about me slightly more than they worry about others, but if anything, having this disease has strengthened my relationships. It's taught me to value what's truly lasting and important. It's also shaped me into the man that my wife fell in love with.

If any of you ever have a question out there, any question, send it my way!!!