Monday, March 26, 2012

Separation Anxiety At Its (Not So) Finest

Two of our dear friends go married on Saturday (Congrats Bryan and Shay). We decided to leave Mckenna at home and Grandma (Ronnie's mom) was nice enough to drive up from Tucson to babysit for the day, spend the night, and then head back down to Tucson Sunday. Ronnie's brother, Grant, also came along, in case reinforcements were needed...and boy were reinforcements needed!

I was a bridesmaid, so I took off for the wedding venue to get ready with all the girls around 9AM. Ronnie spent the morning with Mckenna and then headed out for the wedding around 3:30PM. When Ronnie left...the wheels totally came off the wagon. Mckenna began to cry. They said she pretty much just cried and looked around for us...ALL DAY LONG. She stopped crying to drink minimal amounts of milk, take two 30-minute naps, and for a few minutes at a time when they could distract her just enough. But as soon as she'd look at them, and realize it wasn't one of us, she'd lose it again. Finally around bedtime, after crying through her bath (she never cried during bath time...bath time is her favorite) we told Grandma (after receiving a text saying she won't stop crying) to just give her as much of the bottle as she'll take, swaddle her, lay her down, turn off the monitor and watch TV. Luckily she was looking forward to bedtime just as much as Grandma and Grant were. As soon as she was swaddled she relaxed, and she went down no problem.

Poor Grandma and Grant. A crying baby, let alone a crying baby for HOURS ON END, can really start to wear on you. Apparently someone (cough cough Mckenna) needs a little dose of reality and we need to get out of the house more. I now just can't decided who our next victim will be that we'll leave her with. Ah..what to do? What to do?