Monday, April 16, 2012

Outrun CF - May 12th

Welp, it's that time of year again...on May 12, 2012 it's time to Outrun CF. As you've maybe seen us post in the past, CysticLife teams up with The Rock CF Foundation a couple times a year to "outrun CF" through a virtual race.

Here's how it works, anyone, anywhere can register for the virtual race. You can run or walk (shoot, you can even crawl or skip or hop if you want) any distance, near where you live (or wherever you'll be on race day).

All registrants receive a t-shirt that is specific to this particular race (each run we have we have a unique shirt designed for). This go around we had a t-shirt design contest, so the shirt is an awesome shirt someone in the community designed (see picture).

Then on May 12th, everyone outruns (or outwalks) CF on the same day, in their shirts. We encourage people to take pictures and post them on our Facebook page!

So the question is, have you registered yet? Don't miss your chance to join us in outrunning CF. Plus, we always have people bummed that they didn't get a shirt when they had the be sure to register so you don't miss your chance to get an awesome tshirt - they're only available by registering!