Monday, September 10, 2012

Is It Fall Yet?

I know most people don't look forward to the end of summer...but I do! In fact, there are several things that come with fall that I look forward to each year. Here are the things that are around the corner that I'm excited for this fall.

1. Nice weather - In Arizona, fall and spring are about the best weather you can find anywhere. After a summer of super hot, sunny days, I start itching for some cooler weather. I love enjoying crisp mornings with the doors open and the sound of our fountain flowing. I love sitting on the back porch under the heater. I love going outside and not feeling like I'm entering an oven.

2. Running Anytime - The cooler weather means I can exercise outside any time of day. I love running in the morning when the air still has a cool freshness to it. I also love the fact that I can get a run in at anytime and not fear a heat stroke.

3. Birthdays - Fall means birthdays around here. Josh, Chrissy, myself and now Mckenna all have birthdays in the fall. I absolutely love birthday celebrations, from cake to presents, it's all awesome. Plus, this year is Mckenna's first birthday...HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I cannot wait to celebrate with my little love!

4. Fall Fashion - I am certainly not a fashionista. "Stylish" isn't my middle name. But I do really enjoy pulling out clothes I haven't been able to wear for months and putting away all the summer gear. It's nice to get to switch it up a bit.

5. Fall Foods - Fall is a perfect time to make soups, slow cooker meals, and yummy desserts. I even get excited for Starbucks holiday drinks (So much so it's a little pathetic). Just like with clothes, I like an excuse to switch things up. Fresh summer foods are great, but it's fun to fire up the oven, plug in the slow cooker, and make some hearty meals.

6. Football - NOT! (Ronnie loves Not so much! I'll be excited for my TV back in February. Well, for a second until March madness starts up!

Anyone else looking forward to fall? Or am I crazy and the only one?