Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Weekend: News and Notes

Just a collection of the happenings from this past weekend, the last of such in August 2012....

You probably noticed that there was no Mandi Monday yesterday. Mandi was knee deep in travel and didn't get in until yesterday from her trip to Lancaster, PA. Her grandpa was admitted to the hospital for a pretty gnarly case of pneumonia. The admit was sudden, and grandpa was unprepared. With no family close by, he was alone with his thoughts and a hospital gown. That of course didn't sit well with the family, so Mandi and her brother Josh were able to fly out there on Friday and keep grandpa company. It definitely lifted his spirits and we're so thankful that he is on the up and up!

With Mandi gone, that left me alone on daddy duty this weekend. Fortunately, I did have some helping hands as my step-dad and little brother came up from Tucson. We all had a blast just relaxing together and I was so happy that Mark (step-dad) got to spend some quality time with Mckenna.

We also did some major gardening this weekend. By we, I mean mostly Andrew, Grant and Mark of course. While I was busy with Mckenna, treatments, making meals and working out, they were busy tending to the garden. They turned all of the raised beds and fixed-up some of the square-foot garden portion. After making a run to Lowes on Saturday, we all got up nice and early to "beat the heat" Sunday morning and finish before church.

This fall we're going for - spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bush beans, radishes, carrots, summer squash, tomatoes, green onion and kohlrabi. We'll see how it all turns out :)

Our pastor delivered an excellent message on Sunday. He challenged the men of our church to take it upon ourselves and raise a Christ-centered home. It sounds easy enough, but not so much when you start to look where you're priorities lay. The bottom line is that our family becomes centered around what we spend the most time with, or what takes priority over all else - wether that's work, money, sports, working out, school, etc. I felt really convicted and was so thankful to be reminded about the importance of always working my life around Christ; not Christ around my life.

Welp, I thin that just about does it. Hope you liked the update!!