Monday, April 29, 2013

Mckenna Monday: Teeth, Words, Swimming

Hey guys, me again. Mommy and Dada have been slacking on blogging since Thursday, so I figured it was time for me to step in and save this blog from going down in flames (as if it hasn't already, ha! I kid, Dada, I kid). A lot is new with me since the last time I wrote, I mean, I'm an 18 month old, we grow up fast. But I'll try to hit the highlights about me and my life these days.

First and foremost, I'm getting more teeth in my mouth. If you ask me to show you my teeth or smile, I will, if you want to see them. They're pretty cool. They hurt a little, but Mommy says it's about time for me to finally get more teeth, so she's less than sympathetic. She does help me my giving me a little "medmin" when they hurt. You know, that stuff that tastes like cherry and you drink it out of a syringe thingy. She also helps me by giving me "eye" to chew on. I just say, "tee, tee" and show her my teeth and she goes to the freezer and says, "Ice for your teeth?" and gets my "eye" to chew on. They're frozen little toys I get to chew. Sometimes she's silly and just gives me one at a time, but I really like having all four at once and carrying them around more than I like really chewing on them.

Oh and I'm learning lots of new words that help me tell Mommy and Dada what I want or what I'm thinking. They say I learn lots of words each week, but I don't keep count (mainly because I can't count yet). I just know that they help me get my way...or at least try to. My favorite new word is, "Idunno", you say it you don't know something. Like when I look for my babies. I say, "baby? Idunno" and then they know I have no idea where it is. My other new favorite word is "High chu". That's the tall place I sit in to eat or that I sit in when Mommy doesn't want me running around while she's doing something. So sometimes I sit in my ""high chu and watch videos on YouTube. My favorite is a Russian cartoon that "Idunno" what it's called and neither does Mommy because the title is in Russian, so Mommy and I call it Baby and Bear, and Mommy can only find it by looking in her history to find it because she can't search for Russian...on YouTube. Anyways, I love my "high chu" because I love to eat and I love videos...I wish mom would let me do both at once, but her and daddy say no videos during meals. Oh yeah, and sometimes "bahs" bother me when I'm trying to eat. Mom calls them flies, I call them "sies". So we say, "sue sies, sue sies"and bat them away with our hands. Oh and my other new favorite thing to say is at night night time. Mommy or Daddy lay me down and say "night night" and I say "nigh nigh" and they say, "love you" and I say "la lu" and they say "see you tomorrow" and I say "morrow". I love that "morrow" word. It means they are coming back for me when I get up. I really like that they will come back for me when I'm up, or I'd get lonely. I don't like being in my bed, awake, for very long. Mommy says some kids will play in their beds when they wake up. Why would I do that? It's dark, and I'm by myself, and I don't have my toys. That would just be silly to want to play in there.

And I LOVE to play and go "mimming" in Nana and Papi's "poo". We put on our bathing suits, sunscreen and "ats" on our heads and we bring "twoys" in the "ater" and "pay". It's so much fun. I usually just stay on the step, but sometimes I am brave and go into the middle of the "poo" with Mommy, Dada or papi and "mim". I'm pretty good at "mimming" and even will go under "ater" if Mommy or Dada go under at the same time. I also LOVE blowing "babas"with my mouth in the "ater".

Alright, well, it's nap time for me. Mom has been trying to get me to switch to one nap a day instead of two and I'm making sure she fails miserably by not sleeping very long for the one some days it's two naps and sometimes one...hmm I wonder if this will be my only one today, better make it a short one just in case.