Monday, April 15, 2013

My Latest Obsession: A Morning Walk

Ronnie, Mckenna and I have a pretty routine life. Ronnie and I both work from home, so in order to both get our work in, we split the day. We get up around 6, have breakfast, and Ronnie's on a treatment from 7-8AM, and he does an hour of work during his treatment. While he's doing a treatment, I have Mckenna, and then from 8-12 I work while Ronnie hangs with Mckenna and then from 12-4 he works. At 4 we all go to the gym. Then it's dinner at 6, bath time, bed time for Mckenna at 7 and then Ronnie and I relax for an hour or two, I go to bed, and he does a treatment where he does another hour or two of work. Day after day, that's our general routine. It works for us and we all know just what to expect. Anyways, the point of my blog isn't to outline our days...although, there you have it! Ha!

Mckenna and I used to go for a bike ride or walk during Ronnie's first treatment, but she never lasted very long before being over it...and letting me know over and over..."all done..." "all done..."......."all done........." You get the point. But the last week or so she has been SO content. I've been able to get in a 2 mile walk (which isn't that far, but takes us about 40 minutes), and she is content the whole time. In fact, when she wakes up she starts to ask about it. I found the secret to success: pack some cheerios and narrate the whole time. We talk about what we are seeing the whole time. And every morning, since it's the same time every day, we see the same things. It feels a bit like The Truman show. I know where the bus will be. I know where the boy waiting for the bus will be. I know where the birds are the loudest. I know exactly where we will see the man riding his bike. So we just talk about what we are going to see, we talk about each of the cars, where they're probably going. We listen for the birds. We watch the trees blow in the wind. We thank God for the pretty flowers or the cool breeze. It is such a fun time for both of us.

Since we live in Arizona, our time is limited where we will be able to walk outside after 7. In the heat of summer it may just be too warm and sunny to be out then. So I am really just treasuring this time now, and trying to figure out how to change the morning routine to get our walk in earlier in the day. I don't think waking her at 5 is a good solution, HA! But maybe we can go for our walk before breakfast and bring milk and cereal along.

If you have time in the morning, sneak in a short walk if you can. I swear that somehow the world is more beautiful first thing in the morning!